The Coffee Table Grows Up

The picture that the phrase”coffee table” conjures up for me is of a warm, inviting piece around which family members and friends gather. There’s a mystery in progress. Perhaps there are real mugs of steaming coffee. It’s a beautiful vision. Though as a mommy, my mental image of this quickly Read More

12 Design Tips From Guy-Friendly Spaces

Decorating a space with a guy in mind can be tricky. What exactly defines “manly fashion”? The brief answer is that it is different for every single guy, as it is for every woman. Design is personal. It is a response to years’ worth of psychological and environmental complexities, and Read More

Remodeling a Family Room

Family rooms are practical and welcoming regions of the home. Since they serve as entertainment rooms, the atmosphere must not only be conducive to fun but also allow family members and guests enough space to take part in actions. As numerous homes have limited space, the furniture and decorative items Read More