Design Lessons From a Stylishly Evolving Home

Layout is all about solving a problem. Our homes, inside and outside, are problems waiting to be solved. Fortunately, if you’re anything like me, they’re fun and challenging problems. If you’re smart and make certain that your home works well, you are able to fix the aesthetic problems in many Read More

Kitchen: 9 Lifestyle Habits

Green construction choices are definitely an important part of an ecofriendly kitchen remodel, but it’s just as important that a layout eases sustainable dwelling after the contractor has finished the project. A thoughtful kitchen layout can influence our health. I discussed this subject with a buddy after she realized that Read More

9 Fixing Projects for Lazy Summer Days

Take advantage of additional free time during summer time staycation or long weekend to whip up one of those colorful, catchy jobs for the home. By DIY background and spray paint artwork to giant washi tape for your walls, these nine projects spied around are sure to get your wheels Read More

Make Your Fabulous

When the to-do list all around your house contains everything from “new roof” into “gut kitchen” and “buy furniture” (and you might easily pour your entire budget into only 1 area), you know it’s time to make a strategy. These 12 ideas will allow you to make the important decisions Read More

New Classics: Orla Kiely Prints

Chances are an Orla Kiely print will appear familiar to you if you don’t know it. The company began with Irish textile designer Orla Kiely designing hats and then enlarged to vibrant laminated bags, bedspreads, wallpaper and a ton of home accessories. A couple of years back her lineup for Read More

Design Tastemaker: Sian Zeng's Magical Prints

Sian Zeng’s upbringing was anything but ordinary. Produced in China, she moved to Hungary with her parents when she was seven years old. The many fairy tales she consumed growing up have affected her present job, which showcases flying actors, magnetic wallpaper, talking donkeys and bespectacled bears. “Being the sole Read More