Vibrant Coziness to Get a 1920s Georgia Farmhouse

Vintage furniture in vivid fabric, boldly painted walls and an eclectic art collection gave this Georgia farmhouse a fresh update that still preserves its original information. Homeowners Zack and Lauren Anne Johnson were thrilled to make the leap from a 600-square-foot rental to this amazing 1920s farmhouse for their first Read More

10 Fabulously Fanciful Bedrooms

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Kitchen of the Week: Surprise Storage in Sydney

With rapid pushes against almost eloquent cabinetry, this kitchen in Sydney, Australia, reveals a surprising amount of storage. “We wanted a concealed kitchen,” says designer Darren Genner of Minosa. “When a job within the kitchen is necessary, that section of the space would reveal itself.” The streamlined kitchen needed to Read More

25 Gorgeous Holiday Mantels by ers

We made the telephone, and you answered. Thank you a lot to everyone who responded to our telephone and shared mantel photos. You all showed us all from minimalist to “everything but the kitchen sink” approaches, and we adore them all. Here is a sampling of 25 mantels by ers; Read More

Serenity and Harmony Above Manhattan

Plenty of room and a serene fashion help this couple as well as their 5-year-old twins take the time to unwind. Place over the mythical MacDougal Street in Manhattan, their apartment has hot textures and natural materials and a soothing color palette. Designer Betty Wasserman and her staff joined beauty Read More

Exterior Panel Shutters Cover All the Bases

If you are looking to up the curb appeal of your house, look at dressing your windows with traditional exterior panel shutters. Originally designed centuries ago as a practical window dressing for privacy and security, the paneled shutter still protects homes from weather, though in many situations these times the Read More

7 Must-Have Measuring Tools for Woodworking

Expensive, powerful tools will be the eye catchers in any store, but measuring tools are the most fundamental instruments whatsoever. Fine woodworking depends on microfractions, so the quality and capabilities of your measuring arsenal may be the difference between frustration and gorgeous furniture. This guide to the hardest-working collection of Read More

Comfort Rules at a Rural Weekend Getaway

“The first time I visited this house, it had been 90-plus levels and buggy, and I wondered what my customers were thinking when they bought it,” says architect Ken Pursley of Pursley-Dixon Architecture, laughing. But after getting to know this rural site in Chester, South Carolina, he noticed what they Read More