Southwest Gardener's June Checklist

Desert gardeners don’t need the calendar to tell them the summer has arrived; all they have to do is step out. While the landscape may be sprinkled with summer-flowering shrubs and perennials, June is the toughest month for plants because of the heat and lack of humidity. Because of this, Read More

Great Native Plant: California Flannel Bush

Many California chaparral natives possess a distinctly rocky appearance, having evolved to the arid, rocky terrain constituting a lot of the Golden State. The spectacular golden blossoms of California flannel bush (Fremontodendron californicum) evoke a fertile chaparral community whilst requiring almost no water, placing this plant among California’s most prized Read More

Get a Tropical Splash With a Bird's Nest Fern

Bird’s nest ferns have lower humidity requirements than many ferns, grow best in low or moderate indirect light, and may even tolerate modest pots and dirt that has been allowed to dry out. Place one where its broad, sword-shaped leaves may capture filtered sun for a gorgeous tropical accent in Read More

Northeast Gardener's May Checklist

The wait is over — long days, warm temperatures and moist ground are bringing a riotous symphony of colors, new greenery in the woods and endless activities which have me moving throughout my garden beds wondering how I am going to get the time to tackle everything in my wish Read More

Summer Plants: How to Grow Cucumbers

Cucumbers are versatile vegetables that are easy to grow in summertime. They can be eaten raw; additional to lemonade or a mojito; sautéed; pureed into a dressing table, yogurt dip or soup or pickled. And they are successful manufacturers. While they have a tendency to sprawl, their vining habit lets Read More

Great Design Plant: Knock Out Roses

You may be a little hesitant to add roses to your garden. After all, they’re fussy and disease prone, and require endless spraying and pruning, right? Not Knock Out roses. These roses have been introduced in 2000 to great fanfare and popularity in the gardening world because of their easy Read More

Guest Picks: Modern Indoor Planters

As a big fan of plant life and a person who has the constant need to have growth and change about me, I love bringing greenery inside. Having plants round is a constant reminder that expansion is a must and that it is made possible with nurturing. I particularly love Read More

Pacific Northwest Gardener: Things to Do in June

June’s warm temperatures bring new new growth and an abundance of flowers. Vines are growing and need training to stay neatly trellised, while pines can need candle pruning to keep them from overgrowing their space. Regrettably, pests and fungus also delight in the Northwest’s combination of sunlight and moisture, therefore Read More

Great Design Tree: Japanese Maple

In these last few days before the marathon of holiday frenzy begins, get into the type of gardening — if just visually — with the universally loved Japanese walnut (Acer palmatum). “Today, Japanese maples are bursting into a stunning array of autumn colors,” says landscape architect Ami Saunders. “I really Read More