Pets and People Bring Interior Pictures to Life

There are 597,721 photos on , as I type this. The amount will top 600,000 from the time you read this. But I’d wager that just a small percentage of these home design photos have people in them. Architecture and interiors tend to be photographed without people in the area. Read More

Great Design Plant: Knock Out Roses

You may be a little hesitant to add roses to your garden. After all, they’re fussy and disease prone, and require endless spraying and pruning, right? Not Knock Out roses. These roses have been introduced in 2000 to great fanfare and popularity in the gardening world because of their easy Read More

The Way to Pick Tile for a Bathtub

No matter which kind of tub you choose for your bathroom or remodel, deciding tile can be challenging. Who will be using the restroom? Will the bathtub double as a shower? Do you need a service accessibility from the bathtub deck or bathtub face? These issues all need to be Read More

Clash Course: Personalize Your Toilet

The toilet seems to be the one place in our homes that we neglect to inject with personal personality. We have a tendency to spend a lot of time considering its own substances and function (as we should), but then we decorate it just with bathroom-y items, and before we Read More

Guest Picks: Modern Indoor Planters

As a big fan of plant life and a person who has the constant need to have growth and change about me, I love bringing greenery inside. Having plants round is a constant reminder that expansion is a must and that it is made possible with nurturing. I particularly love Read More

Elegant Colonial Revival in Ohio

“We left it ours by fully gutting the location,” says Theodore Preston. “Well, not really — we kept the original architectural elements — but it sure felt like it!” After Preston and William Logan found their 1959 colonial revival, they wanted to make a home loaded with history and detail. Read More

Pacific Northwest Gardener: Things to Do in June

June’s warm temperatures bring new new growth and an abundance of flowers. Vines are growing and need training to stay neatly trellised, while pines can need candle pruning to keep them from overgrowing their space. Regrettably, pests and fungus also delight in the Northwest’s combination of sunlight and moisture, therefore Read More

Staircase Backs Lift to the Challenge

An open stairwell presents its own unique design challenge: What is the view from behind? Instead of leaving the back of the staircase plain and unfinished, do not miss an opportunity to provide it a fashionable spin. Need inspiration? Here are eight ideas to consider. Rhoco The snowy “backbone” of Read More

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is a building method which consists of pouring concrete into wooden molds which are held together with steel tie rods or tiebacks. The concrete is made to cure for many days before the forms are removed, leaving holes that are observable, also referred to as tieback holes. Dan Read More