An open stairwell presents its own unique design challenge: What is the view from behind? Instead of leaving the back of the staircase plain and unfinished, do not miss an opportunity to provide it a fashionable spin. Need inspiration? Here are eight ideas to consider.


The snowy “backbone” of this staircase serves double duty: Not only does this offer structural support, but in addition, it ties the architecture together.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

Paneling which echoes the wainscoting on the walls gives this stairwell an architectural increase and emphasizes the thick moldings.

Colleen Brett

By the exact token, a crisscrossed design helps this stairs to feel as glistening from behind as it can from the front.

Zimina Inna

The open ridges on the back facet of this stairwell lend wonderful motion and feel to the space and stop the staircase from looking too hefty.

RTA Studio Residential Architects

All these homeowners took advantage of found space behind the staircase to tuck in books — a clever way to place every inch of the stairs to work.

House + House Architects

Blocks of colour, instead of architectural components, help to define this stairs out of the trunk.

Johnson Architecture

At the far rear of this shot you can see how leaving the bottom of this staircase as natural wood can help to amplify the rustic appearance of the beams and floors.

McClellan Architects

Lights tucked along this stair back both light up the steps and showcase the rich glow of these wood.

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