8 Must-Have Tools for Fall Yard Prep

Fall is in full force here on the northern Pacific coast. All of this wind and rain have me bunkered down indoors and dreading the work that is waiting for me after the storm clears. Fortunately, there’s a ton of helpful tools to handle everything that autumn can muster. The Read More

A Savvy Shopper's Keys to Sales

Ever see how candies is ridiculously cheap daily after Easter or Halloween? That is because retailers are working to unload the unsold inventory as fast as possible. Take that concept and apply it to things like markets, electronics and home furnishings, and you will not ever want to purchase full Read More

The Way to Read a Nail

Nails have been around forever, but it is only over the last century or so that the mass-produced nail has come to be an inexpensive and common means to combine materials. It’s a simple concept: wedge a sharp piece of metal into wood. As the wood fibers expand back the Read More