When Architects Design Homes for Themselves

While composing about 10 Must-Know Modern Homes, I understood that at a third of them the architect functioned as client. Nevertheless the Gropius House, Eames House and Glass House (not to mention others, such as the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio) are currently house-museums — can be seen by Read More

Creative Design Moves Rescue a Isle Cottage

In spite of this house’s then-uninhabitable status, its owners pictured their dream island cottage that the minute they stepped inside its moldy walls. “The househad been closed without heat for decades and was a moss- and nicotine-soaked nightmare,” says homeowner Ian McLeod. “Many people believed it a teardown, however, the Read More

Vibrant Coziness to Get a 1920s Georgia Farmhouse

Vintage furniture in vivid fabric, boldly painted walls and an eclectic art collection gave this Georgia farmhouse a fresh update that still preserves its original information. Homeowners Zack and Lauren Anne Johnson were thrilled to make the leap from a 600-square-foot rental to this amazing 1920s farmhouse for their first Read More

10 Fabulously Fanciful Bedrooms

The most popular bedrooms around are inclined to be beige or gray and conventional, so I know the way-out bedrooms here aren’t going to be everyone’s personal cup of tea. But that’s the interesting part: peeking into the rooms of people who have taken their own style to the most Read More

Kitchen of the Week: Surprise Storage in Sydney

With rapid pushes against almost eloquent cabinetry, this kitchen in Sydney, Australia, reveals a surprising amount of storage. “We wanted a concealed kitchen,” says designer Darren Genner of Minosa. “When a job within the kitchen is necessary, that section of the space would reveal itself.” The streamlined kitchen needed to Read More

25 Gorgeous Holiday Mantels by ers

We made the telephone, and you answered. Thank you a lot to everyone who responded to our telephone and shared mantel photos. You all showed us all from minimalist to “everything but the kitchen sink” approaches, and we adore them all. Here is a sampling of 25 mantels by ers; Read More