Northeast Gardener's May Checklist

The wait is over — long days, warm temperatures and moist ground are bringing a riotous symphony of colors, new greenery in the woods and endless activities which have me moving throughout my garden beds wondering how I am going to get the time to tackle everything in my wish Read More

The Way to Choose a Front Door Color

Do not let your house blend into the background — even though you’re not in the market for changing your exterior color scheme, a new coat of paint onto your front door could be precisely the makeover your house needs. Utilize our color guides to each color to learn that Read More

Summer Plants: How to Grow Cucumbers

Cucumbers are versatile vegetables that are easy to grow in summertime. They can be eaten raw; additional to lemonade or a mojito; sautéed; pureed into a dressing table, yogurt dip or soup or pickled. And they are successful manufacturers. While they have a tendency to sprawl, their vining habit lets Read More

11 Ways to Spice Up Neutral Palettes

There has been a great deal of talk about colour lately on . Threads are buzzing with debate around Pantone’s 2013 Shade of the Year, Emerald, which seems to be getting mixed reviews. What about the true neutrals audience out there? Isn’t there anything new for them? In this season Read More

6 Ways to Put Some Wonder

Sarah Bagner loves a good story, and she thinks our walls create the perfect storytelling stage. In her new book, Wonder Walls (October 2012), the stylist, flea market fiend and writer of this blog Supermarket Sarah visited the homes of artists, designers and collectors using their walls to communicate their Read More

Grab 'Ghosts' for Earthly Purposes

The designers and photographers within this ideabook understand that showing images of spaces designed and constructed for human use without people necessarily has the reader wondering where the people, furniture and pets have gone. So they’ve done us a favor by adding individuals from the photos, though a few have Read More

Displaying Kitchen Supplies — Hot or Not?

Early in my diary editing times, I read an interview with a local designer I’ve never forgotten. Asked about the latest kitchen trends, the designer insisted that homeowners had moved beyond such outdated practices as storing canisters and utensil crocks directly on the countertop. I was taken aback when I Read More

Make Your Fabulous

When the to-do list all around your house contains everything from “new roof” into “gut kitchen” and “buy furniture” (and you might easily pour your entire budget into only 1 area), you know it’s time to make a strategy. These 12 ideas will allow you to make the important decisions Read More