Architect's Toolbox: 6 Drawings on the Way to a Dream Home

From thumbnail sketches to detailed construction drawings, architects and other design professionals produce all sorts of drawings. While these drawings are often quite amazing in their own right, their purpose is twofold. First, they help flesh out ideas, enabling us to test different design strategies. In fact, by shifting what Read More

8 Bathroom Updates Have Ideas for Every Style

Tired of their homes’ cramped or problem-ridden baths, these homeowners adopted total transformation. Feeling restricted by the design or square footage, or your budget of your bathroom? These eight toilet makeovers may offer just the thought you were looking for. View the before and after photos, then click through to Read More

Southwest Gardener's June Checklist

Desert gardeners don’t need the calendar to tell them the summer has arrived; all they have to do is step out. While the landscape may be sprinkled with summer-flowering shrubs and perennials, June is the toughest month for plants because of the heat and lack of humidity. Because of this, Read More

Great Native Plant: California Flannel Bush

Many California chaparral natives possess a distinctly rocky appearance, having evolved to the arid, rocky terrain constituting a lot of the Golden State. The spectacular golden blossoms of California flannel bush (Fremontodendron californicum) evoke a fertile chaparral community whilst requiring almost no water, placing this plant among California’s most prized Read More