Exterior Panel Shutters Cover All the Bases

If you are looking to up the curb appeal of your house, look at dressing your windows with traditional exterior panel shutters. Originally designed centuries ago as a practical window dressing for privacy and security, the paneled shutter still protects homes from weather, though in many situations these times the Read More

7 Must-Have Measuring Tools for Woodworking

Expensive, powerful tools will be the eye catchers in any store, but measuring tools are the most fundamental instruments whatsoever. Fine woodworking depends on microfractions, so the quality and capabilities of your measuring arsenal may be the difference between frustration and gorgeous furniture. This guide to the hardest-working collection of Read More

Comfort Rules at a Rural Weekend Getaway

“The first time I visited this house, it had been 90-plus levels and buggy, and I wondered what my customers were thinking when they bought it,” says architect Ken Pursley of Pursley-Dixon Architecture, laughing. But after getting to know this rural site in Chester, South Carolina, he noticed what they Read More

The Draw of Bar Pulls

When it comes to designing a kitchen, bath or any other area in your house with cupboards, choosing the ideal knobs or handles is overriding. The choices are seemingly endless, but to get a fresh, contemporary spin, even at a very traditional space, bar pulls are constantly a terrific bet. Read More

8 Flowers That Dazzle With Fall Color

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Get It Done: Organize the Media Cabinet

While poking through my DVD collection, my friend Wicki inquired, “Did you know that you’ve got two copies of Bridesmaids?” I had hunted high and low for the first one for weeks prior to breaking down and purchasing the next one. Turns out it had fallen behind the baskets at Read More

Design Lessons From a Stylishly Evolving Home

Layout is all about solving a problem. Our homes, inside and outside, are problems waiting to be solved. Fortunately, if you’re anything like me, they’re fun and challenging problems. If you’re smart and make certain that your home works well, you are able to fix the aesthetic problems in many Read More