What Kind of Dish Soap Is Good for individuals With Allergies?

Understanding the cause of your allergies helps avoid contact with potentially hydrogenated ingredients in dishwashing soap or another product. Scents in dish liquids might cause a respiratory irritation, however, according to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, most complaints are usually that of contact dermatitis, a skin response. These Read More

Architect's Toolbox: 6 Drawings on the Way to a Dream Home

From thumbnail sketches to detailed construction drawings, architects and other design professionals produce all sorts of drawings. While these drawings are often quite amazing in their own right, their purpose is twofold. First, they help flesh out ideas, enabling us to test different design strategies. In fact, by shifting what Read More

When Architects Design Homes for Themselves

While composing about 10 Must-Know Modern Homes, I understood that at a third of them the architect functioned as client. Nevertheless the Gropius House, Eames House and Glass House (not to mention others, such as the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio) are currently house-museums — can be seen by Read More

Serenity and Harmony Above Manhattan

Plenty of room and a serene fashion help this couple as well as their 5-year-old twins take the time to unwind. Place over the mythical MacDougal Street in Manhattan, their apartment has hot textures and natural materials and a soothing color palette. Designer Betty Wasserman and her staff joined beauty Read More

Exterior Panel Shutters Cover All the Bases

If you are looking to up the curb appeal of your house, look at dressing your windows with traditional exterior panel shutters. Originally designed centuries ago as a practical window dressing for privacy and security, the paneled shutter still protects homes from weather, though in many situations these times the Read More

The Draw of Bar Pulls

When it comes to designing a kitchen, bath or any other area in your house with cupboards, choosing the ideal knobs or handles is overriding. The choices are seemingly endless, but to get a fresh, contemporary spin, even at a very traditional space, bar pulls are constantly a terrific bet. Read More