New Classics: Orla Kiely Prints

Chances are an Orla Kiely print will appear familiar to you if you don’t know it. The company began with Irish textile designer Orla Kiely designing hats and then enlarged to vibrant laminated bags, bedspreads, wallpaper and a ton of home accessories. A couple of years back her lineup for Read More

Design Tastemaker: Sian Zeng's Magical Prints

Sian Zeng’s upbringing was anything but ordinary. Produced in China, she moved to Hungary with her parents when she was seven years old. The many fairy tales she consumed growing up have affected her present job, which showcases flying actors, magnetic wallpaper, talking donkeys and bespectacled bears. “Being the sole Read More


A look inside this semirural home evokes the feeling of being more in a spacious urban loft than in a farmhouse in New Jersey. “We wanted a finished house that had an authentic feel, not “designed” to any 1 style but having daring and comfortable spaces that met the requirements Read More

Gear Up for Gardening

OK, so you’ve placed your potting bench in an ideal spot, you are probably itching to pick up some bags of dirt and some plants from the nursery. But first you need to get your gear together. Below are some tools of the trade to get your started. Some are Read More

Stone Shows Potential for Homes

People have been making homes of rock for millennia. But whereas in the past the rock needed to be independently and stacked, today we can access it from far and near, and we can use it as full blocks and thin veneers. The result: We can pick stone that has Read More

Check Plaid Prints Out

You do not have to be a Scot to delight in the beauty of a classic plaid print. Plaid, tartan, tattersall or assess upholstery may look like daring choices, but they’re surprisingly versatile. A plaid can organize with many other patterns, such as florals, stripes and other plaids; simply be Read More

12 Extreme Interior Designs

“You have to risk going too far to discover exactly how far you can really go.” — T.S. Eliot When it comes to home d├ęcor, this sentiment certainly rings true. Moving big scale at home can be extremely intimidating. If you do not take a risk if it will work, Read More

Steeply Beautiful Slope Retention

Slope retention is essential for many homes. Maintaining a slope may indicate protecting the very structure of your home or preventing sand from overwhelming your landscape. While the expression”slope retention” naturally evokes pictures of sandbags and enormous cement walls, there are some strikingly lovely ways to promote hillsides to stay Read More