OK, so you’ve placed your potting bench in an ideal spot, you are probably itching to pick up some bags of dirt and some plants from the nursery. But first you need to get your gear together. Below are some tools of the trade to get your started. Some are must-haves, while some are a bit more luxurious. Regardless, I hope this ideabook will help you get your shopping list together.

Hard-Working Potting Benches


English Pot – $24

Obviously, a potting bench isn’t a potting bench without pots. You’ll want to stock them up to your container gardens.

Brook Farm General Store

Trowel – $20

Here is actually the number-one gardening tool you will want.

Cath Kidston USA

Bird Blue Garden Gloves – $18

While they will not absolutely preserve a manicure, they’ll save you hours of scrubbing your nails.

The Contemporary Home

Thoughtful Gardener Trowel Fork Set – $24.99

If there’s a second instrument you will need, it is a fork. This set is sold as a place.

Burgon & Ball

Tool Rack – EUR 14.95

You are going to need a place to set your tools. In case your potting bench has a wall behind it, a tool rack is a great way to keep organized and save space.

Home Decorators Collection

Iron Faucet Wall Hooks – $24

This rack adds whimsy and will hold any instrument which has a loop attached to its handle.

Burgon & Ball

Galvanized Waterfall May – EUR 39.95

You’re going to want some portable water to your plants, therefore a watering is essential. This one is going to look particularly appealing on your potting bench.

Unique Gardens and Gifts

Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System – $199.95

Speaking of water, conserving it is crucial. Collect your gardening water that the old-fashioned manner with this particular rain barrel.


Spade With Steps – EUR 75

A spade, a shovel and a pitchfork are convenient gardening tools.

White Flower Farm

Adjustable Rake – $33.95

Regardless of the weather or the time of year, here in Atlanta there is a continuous cacophony of dueling leafblowers. They blow off leaves from one side of the lawn to the other so that the wind will blow them back within hours (it is downright Sisyphean), they blow off pollen around and make it worse, and I’ve even seen people using a leaf blower on dirt from the road. For your love of calm quiet, please get a rake rather. Diatribe over.


Ergonomic Weeder – $16.99

This tool is quite useful when weeding and , will help save your fingernails some wear and tear.

Home Ecology

MVP Complete Compost Bin, Large – $220

This is the way you are able to create the best dirt yourself and keep food waste and weeds from moving down the disposal or to the landfill.


Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow – $129.99

This is useful for getting your dirt, mulch and plants from your potting bench or car to the garden beds.


Dramm Colorstorm Garden Hose – $65.99

Hoses come in a whole lot of fun colors these days; if you are in the market for a new one, why not try a bright hue that will be easy to see when you leave it lying across the lawn? Have some fun with it and match it to your own baskets or shutters.

Gardener’s Supply Company

Deluxe Garden Hose Cart – $119

This cart is a great way to keep the hose corralled while being able to transport it around the lawn.


HempCraft Hemp Twine, Green – $5.98

Twine is useful when tying up plants and affixing them .

Ethical Superstore

Garden Trug – GBP 12.28

Trugs are great for out sourcing tools to garden beds, and for carrying your own produce and cut flowers back into the home.


Västlig Gardening Bag – $0.99

These are great for gathering weeds and deadheads and carrying them over to the compost pile or yard waste container.


These things let you stay one step ahead of the weather, and they’re simply amazing out on the seat or even around the home when not being used.


Garden Labels

Be sure to cut those tacky plastic labels off your crops after you’ve planted them. If you would like to keep track of titles, invest in certain cute labels such as these.


Greenhouse Garden Kneeling Pad – $19.97

Your knees will thank you for cushioning them from the hard ground.

Charleston Gardens

Garden Seat/Kneeler – $55

A chair is helpful when working a little higher up or if you need to take a rest.


Gardener’s Tool Time Gift Set – $29.95

A tote packed with tools and seeds is an excellent way to go portable once you need to wander from the seat to the garden.

Hen & Hammock

Mr. McGregor Gift Collection for Children – EUR 9

Encourage budding gardeners with a space at the seat plus a set of gardening tools or a gardening place such as this one.

All right, you all, I’m certain I forgot at least one thing; let me understand what I’ve missed in the Comments section.

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