Decorating a space with a guy in mind can be tricky. What exactly defines “manly fashion”? The brief answer is that it is different for every single guy, as it is for every woman. Design is personal. It is a response to years’ worth of psychological and environmental complexities, and trying to narrow one sex’s style down to a handful of features would be a fool’s game.

But we can learn from one another. By looking at different areas designed either by a man or for you personally, we can find a little picture of what guys all over are integrating in their decoration schemes.

It is certainly not a catchall for guy fashion, but here are 12 suggestions gleaned from bachelor pads and other guy-friendly spaces that should create designing a manly space a little bit simpler.

Holly Marder

1. Find the ideal chair. Every guy needs that one place where he can kick back and revel in a book, a picture, a glass of scotch or soda, or great conversation. For mentor Edwin Pelser, it is his reupholstered emerald-green armchair that belonged to his grandmother.

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Frances Bailey

2. Establish your area with something surreal. Maybe it is an abstract painting or sculpture. Or perhaps it’s turning a Manhattan high-rise into a wood-like setting with forest wallpaper. Either way, adding something outside the box will help give your space personality.

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3. Go large. Nothing does more visual chest beating compared to an oversize light fixture. When you move large, even a subtle minimalist vibe creates a strong statement.

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Shirley Meisels

4. Get a TV from the walk-in closet. Men love a good closet. That is why this Toronto bachelor smartly paid additional attention to his, integrating dark, sophisticated colours using a pinch of bright yellowish. The crown jewel is a wellness TV that makes this more than just a location for getting dressed in the morning.

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5. Find out how to attract more romance to the bedroom. So you’re a mentor since you have figured out a secret to having more romance, or you’re a mentor as you can’t work out how to get more romance. (As a married man, I pray it is the latter. Sorry, pal.) To create a more romantic space, you’ll want to pay off and look closely at your own bed, wall color, lighting, furniture and much more.

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6. Get bizarre. By thinking more abstractly, you can flip a simple loft space into something mesmerizing. Subjective, you ask? How about placing a gallery wall around the ceiling, as this Buenos Aires, Argentina, mentor has completed.

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Michael K Chen Architecture

7. Be functional. Men are utilitarian. Think we are MacGyver and we love to think in terms that are technical. That is why Murphy beds and practical, flexible storage components are key to any guy space.

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Mauricio Nava Design, LLC

8. Get a plant. Even in the event that you prefer neutral colors like black, gray and white, a houseplant may add a subtle daub of green, as evident in this Houston bachelor pad. Most houseplants are simple to keep, can take long periods of neglect and help keep indoor air clean.

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Current Concepts Home Automation

9. Say “cheers.” A home bar can make a lively social place in your home, plus it is a fantastic area that benefits from a masculine design.

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Heather Merenda

10. Build something. Every guy’s home should have at least one piece of furniture or accessory built by his own two hands. Here a Vancouver mentor has made a work desk out of Hexacomb cardboard.

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RSVP Design Services

11. Get a workshop. Studies have shown that working together with your hands can alleviate stress. What guy does not love hanging out at a garage tinkering, hammering and creating?

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12. Produce a man space. A psychology professor at the University of Texas in Austin has found that space is quite vital for regulating emotions. For us guys that means creating a space where he can watch a sports game or film, play a musical instrument or even brew our own beer.

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