A fully-functioning shower drip rail is an important component of any bathroom. Not merely does it protect your flooring it shields you as well as your family from unpleasant falls triggered by damp bathroom tiles. Examine the drip rail cautiously when you observe any water on the ground outside the shower soon after after use. Change it instantly in the event that you discover signs of use.

Measure the thickness of your shower glass. This is essential as you need to ensure your shower door drip rail is suitable by it. The glass is going to be both 0.24, 0.32 or 0.40 inches thick.

Measure the duration of your shower door before buying a drip rail and browsing a hardware-store. Purchase one that’s both exactly the correct length or longer.

Examine the drip rail you’re replacing to create whether it’s held in place by screws, adhesive, or both. Turn the screws using a screwdriver before they can be easily removed by you. Scrape as much adhesive using a putty knife off the glass.

Grasp the shower door drip rail and pull it free. Place the rail on the ground and spot the drip rail that is new . In the event the drip rail is also lengthy, make a mark on it using a felt-tipped pen near the the conclusion of the drip rail in the level you’ve removed. Cut the drip rail that is new using a pair of scissors now.

Clean the region round the drip rail on the shower do-or. Apply soapy water that is hot, rinse it with clear water, and rub it with cleansing rags. Allow the shower do or to dry entirely.

Remove the adhesive strip on the trunk of the shower drip rail. Press it firmly in to place on the do-or. Make certain it’s securely in spot, where there’s a unique groove for the drip rail. Put any screws you took from the shower do-or straight back.

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