I enjoy candlelight all year round but especially in this time of year. The shorter days and cooler nights are made so much cozier by a warm glow which comes just from candles. Plain candles will surely do the trick, but in the event that you’d like a fairly screen too, here are some excellent choices. — Ally from From The Ideal Bank

House & Hold

notNeutral Triton Hurricane – $28

This cutout pattern will cast fantastic shadows when lit and just look pretty when not.

Contemporary Candleholders – $4.95

These votives are outside and fairly inside. The natural form and white glaze are really lovely, and the metallic aluminum inside will throw a very great warm mild.

Contemporary Candleholders – $19.95

This set of 12 votives comes at a excellent cost. They are all you want for a necklace that is magnificent.


Bigarrå Candle in Cup

This great natural shape in a modern matte black can be reused with warm lights once the candle is burnt out.

Flameless Candles

Flameless Collection of 3 Pillars, Decorative Gold Patterned Glass – $29.95

If you enjoy the stress – and – wax-free facets of flameless candles although not how fake they look, this set of three golden votives with different geometric shapes is one of the prettier collections of yarn that I’ve found.

Creative Home Decorations

Blue Fu Dog Decorative Candle Set – $27

The foo dogs tendency has been going strong for many years, and these candle variations are too adorable to pass up.

Creative Home Decorations

Chinoiserie Candle Set – $45

The delicate chinoiserie pattern on this candle set is so pretty, and I just love the color mix.

Creative Home Decorations

Cream Bird Candle Set – $18

Put a bird on it — an adorable pair of bird candles, that is.

Creative Home Decorations

Silver Elephant Candle – $15

These elephant candles are so darling that I’d have difficulty burning off them.


Gump’s Gracious Candle – $85

This candle had me at matte and gold.

Rain Collection

Esteban Paris Cedar Decorative Candle – $38

I adore this cedar candleholder which can be employed with a refill (or to hold any number of odds and ends). This could be a case in which I purchase something solely for the packaging, except that Esteban is one of my favourite candlemakers, and their scents are wonderful.

West Elm

Manzanita Candelabra, Silver – $99

This is a piece of sculpture, a candleholder and a centerpiece all wrapped into one. I’d like you for my dining area.

House & Hold

Lighting by Design House Stockholm – $69

This cool Scandinavian design could be great as a centerpiece on a modern table.

DCI Gift

Multicolored Decorative Candles – $18

These multicolored candles are a fun and low devotion way to bring some color to your area.


Birch Twig Taper Candles – $18

How do you resist these candles in the forms of miniature birch trees? They are ideal for winter holiday decorating.

West Elm

Taper Candles – $12

For a tiny goth or glamour, try these black taper candles.


Jäbbig Unscented Block Candle – $2.99

This is a fairly pop of color for under $3.


Succulent Tealight Set – $15

Adorable does not even come close to describing these tea lights in the forms of mini succulents. Add light and greenery to your tabletop in one go. These may be my new favorite things.

Perpetual Kid

Champagne & Wine Bottle Candle – $16.49

If you’re looking for a wacky hostess gift, how about a bottle of champagne or wine that’s really a candle?

Joy Candelabra – $198

Not all electrical candles are made equal. This set is constructed of steel and is completely Scandinavian cool.

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